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Pico Boulevard II

On Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles there is an accumulation of kosher establishments for dining, takeout or ordering. This is my second installment of writing about Pico to highlight some of that street’s intriguing assets.  Today I want to talk about The Fish Grill and Kolah Farangi or Kabob and Chinese as it is known. [1]

The Fish Grill [2]has several locations. One here on Pico Boulevard at 9618 #508, one on Beverly Boulevard near the ultra religious East Side of Los Angeles or Hancock Park area, one in West LA and one has recently opened in Malibu.  Needless to say not only kosher conscious people eat at The Fish Grill.  The restaurant features fresh catch of the day, salmon, local sea bass, Ahi tuna and others available simply grilled over open charcoal and served with a choice of accompaniments, including baked potatoes, rice, and salad. [3] [4] They serve main course salads and fantastic fish and chips.  Since I grew up in Seattle I occasionally get that irresistible fish and chip craving and no matter how much I tell myself I don’t need all the calories… [5]

If you are in Los Angeles, and want a very casual, very reasonably priced fish place to go, give The Fish Grill a try.

[6]Kabob and Chinese at 9184 Pico Boulevard is a mystery to me, but they have fantastic food.  When the kids were little we would go there or order delivery or take out, my kids would have Chinese and my husband and me Persian food.  Persian food is very flavorful and satisfying.  I have been known to invite 25 people for dinner, make a lot of appetizers, salad, dessert, and order the kabob and rice from this restaurant. [7] We made Nona’s 90th birthday party at Kabob and Chinese.  In addition to a full complement of Persian stews and Tadik (the kind of Persian rice that gets golden and crusty on the bottom), they serve koubedeh (ground beef or chicken), barg (shish kebob), and chicken boneless, chicken on the bone and other kinds of kabob.  Sabzi polow (green rice with fresh dill and other herbs), Zereshk (barberries) red berry rice, or plain basmati are served with kabob orders.  Are you hungry yet?  I had my first taste of gormeh sabzi [8] at this restaurant.  You can order to eat family style or individually.  They also have takeout and delivery. I give it thumbs up and worth a try.  Kabob and Chinese is glatt kosher. [9]