Passover is Coming

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on March 16, 2012

kufte de prassa passover 019

Purim Purim Lanu Pesach in la Mano

So goes the refrain from an old Ladino Sephardic song.  It’s time to shift gears and begin the Hechos de Pesach or the work of spring cleaning and menu planning.  But first let me say thank you so much for the wonderful outpouring of sympathy.  Although I have never met most of you I feel like we actually know each other.

The shiva (mourning week) is over, the sisters have returned home, the house is getting back to normal.  Purim flew by and I managed to get out Purim Platicos or Mishloach Manot to most of my friends and family.  Luckily for some reason I felt driven to bake and freeze several weeks before this all happened.  This year’s Platicos included hamentashen, oatmeal cookies, banana cake, cantucci, mamoul, and borekas.

Now it is time to wake up and smell the roses, citrus tree flowers, and azaleas, change the clocks, and clean the house.  Spring has sprung and we have 4 weeks until Passover.  I will be posting many new Passover recipes, but please take note of the large body of recipes for the holiday contained in the recipe index of this web site.

Recipes included in index from previous years:

OK Let’s get started and plan a Pesach Allegre’ or Happy and Lively Passover.

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