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Roast Chicken with Lime and Sumac

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on December 29, 2010

Friday night Dinner and cinnamon 013-13-3

I must apologize, I have been meaning to give this recipe for some time, but you know how things go.  Now that the end of the year is near its time to get caught up and start with a fresh slate, oh oh is that a mixed metaphor? Everyone truly loves this chicken and it is so easy.  I hope you all love it too.  Happy New Year!!

Juicy and flavorful with a tight, crisp skin, [click to continue…]



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California Dreaming and Grilled Steak

November 12, 2009
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Nothing is as tranquil as an unoccupied luminescent blue pool in the early morning light.  The ambient temperature water envelops my body as I swim, methodically slicing through the placid liquid with the sides of my hands like a hot clean knife through chocolate cake.  Classical music is entering my ears from beneath the water’s […]

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