Mishloach Manot

Chocolate Cherry Marzipan Bar Tarts

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on March 11, 2013

choco cherry bars veal pocket quinoa con prassa 007

It is two weeks before Pesach and I am already running to prepare.  But, before my kitchen goes completely Chametz free I wanted to share this recipe with you.  This little cookie, bar, or tart, I am not sure what to call it was the hit of all of the Purim Platicos or Mishloach Manot this year. [click to continue…]



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Nutella Roll Cookie

February 7, 2013
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Do you realize that Purim will be here in just two weeks

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March 16, 2011
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Memories of a confection so pure and ethereal are amongst the fondest of my childhood.  Great Auntie Touriel made the ultimate delicately formed, feathery textured masapan.  Masapan has always been reserved for life’s most important occasions such as weddings,engagements, and Brit Mila (covenant party for new born boys). It was served elegantly with little silver

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Happy Purim with Turkish Coffee

March 15, 2011
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Purim is this coming Saturday night March 19th.  The traditional reading of the Megilat Esther, The story of Esther will be read amongst Carnival type revelers in costumes with much merriment and consumption of adult beverages. On Purim it is traditional to give out Purim Platicos or Mishloach Manot

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