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Dateline: Two Days Before Rosh Hashanah

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on September 17, 2009

Every year as soon as the days start getting shorter, my instinct to start preparing for Rosh Hashanah kicks in.  Three weeks ago I placed an order with the kosher butcher and wrote out my menu plans for several dinners.  I started baking as well.  I am not preparing for one evenings celebration, but for a whole month of holiday dinners and lunches.  So far I have extended invitations to guests for 5 different occasions.

Restocking cupboards, rearranging furniture, and making sure to lay in a supply of aluminum foil and dishwasher soap is part of the preparation.  Last Wednesday, I turned on my back up refrigerator and freezer in anticipation of filling it soon.  I am so glad it still works! 

So far, I have baked and cooked, cheese borekas, pumpkin borekas, kufte de prassa, leek meatballs, meat and rice borekas (pastelicos de carne), chocolate espresso cake, sweet potato cake with maple icing, apple cake, coconut cake, honey cake, challah, spinach bulemas (spinach filled pastry),and candied quince (membrillo).  In addition I have made, gormeh sabzi (Persian soup), black eyed peas, and chicken stock.  Finding the best of the new fall harvest of apples, pomegranates, dates and fall vegetables has taken several days, and trips to 3 different markets as well as a trip to the spectacular Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Today I will begin to prepare the vegetables and defrost the chickens and roast for Friday and Saturday’s celebration meals.

Every year this ritualistic baking and preparing facilitates my transition from summer to fall, from the old year to the new. I wish you all a Le Shanah Tovah a sweet and healthy New Year



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