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My name is Linda Capeloto Sendowski, an ethnic mouthful to be sure, and a name that I am proud of because it embraces the concept of Jews from all over  the globe.  I grew up eating, cooking, and baking my way through the Jewish calendar year in the famous Seattle Sephardic community of families who came to the United States mostly from the Island of Rhodes and many small towns in Turkey.  My husband is from the Eastern European Jewish tradition born in Los Angeles.

Now our home, here in Southern California, embraces food from all over the globe, from borekas to gefilte fish, and from pico de gallo to curry, to wasabi  paste.  Family, food, and hospitality are the hallmarks of our home.

I believe food, meals, cooking, and its symbolism should be an integral part of our lives, enriching the family experience. will be an expansion of my blog which is a virtual kosher kitchen where I share my recipes, some invented, some revised and some from culinary memories or experiences.

I invite you to take a tour of my kitchen and experience recipes, menus, resources and advice. I also take time to share my travel diaries and photos when I take a memorable voyage.  In addition I love the personal comments I receive on the blog, I read every one and take them to heart.

Welcome and enjoy,

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