Happy New Year

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on January 5, 2011


This entire week, since Monday the 3rd of January 2011, my head is full of jumbled thoughts, plans, goals, and ideas for this new year. Travel plans loom large with details like hotels yet to be finalized.  Are everyone’s passports up to date?  How many weddings, engagements,and bar mitzvas will occur in 2011.  Will one of my boys meet their true love?

I am making lists of things to accomplish, personal goals, including weight loss and fitness level,  Sephardic recipes to archive,and other blog posts.  What classes do I want to take, what new cooking skills do I want to acquire, what foreign languages do I want to brush up on.

A large part of my list making for this blog is to review what posts were most popular in 2010.  The top ten search terms and blog posts appear to be

1. Borekas

2. Pink Lady Apple Pie

3. Kufte, De Prassa or regular

4. Red Haven Peach Pie

5. Passover Biscotti

6. Travados

7. Gourmeh Sabzi

8. Oatmeal Cookies, non dairy

9. Picadillo Soup

10. Pupusas

It looks like you, the readers like classic Sephardic recipes, fruit desserts, and Salvadorian food.  Let’s continue to have fun and I will continue to cook and take pictures through what promises to be a fantastic 2011.  I wish you all the best, Linda

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