Kosher Las Vegas

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on April 6, 2011


The dry flats of the Mojave Desert Reserve stretch out in a long meandering valley four thousand feet below the highway, reflecting the midday sun.  I am glad I am in my safe air conditioned car observing the beauty of the inhospitable landscape.

Traveling the road from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is an opportunity to view vastly different micro climates and elevations while progressing from the vast emptiness that surrounds the highway outside of Las Vegas to the long tongues of metropolitan Los Angeles licking the foot hills of the San Bernardino National Forrest.

This year snow is lingering bright white and shimmering against the intense blue sky in the mountains.  I love to drive the open road when traffic is light and my tummy is still full from last night’s fabulous dinner at Jerusalem Grill in Las Vegas.  Yes, there are kosher restaurants in Las Vegas.

My husband and I met my sister and brother in law for dinner and a show Sunday night. Although they live in New Jersey, we made the drive to see them for the night while they were staying in Las Vegas. It is only a 4-5 hour drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and well worth the effort.

We ordered schwarma, endless Israeli salads, Grilled chicken kabob, one half a roast chicken, special in house made laffa bread or lafah bread and home made hummus.  The food at Jerusalem Grill was fresh and tasty, the staff is friendly.  It is a short way off the regular Las Vegas beaten path, but really fun to follow the Las Vegas Jewish connection.  Did you know that a Jewish man is running for mayor of Las Vegas?

Well, tomorrow I am back to recipe testing for Passover.

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