Candied Grapefruit Peels

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on January 10, 2013

dulce de toronha 010

It feels like Thanksgiving happened an eternity ago.  Then, my birthday!, then, Chanukah, sisters visiting, Nona’s unveiling, Christmas break vacation and New Years Eve all coming in rapid succession, leaving me in a stupor.  Where was I?  What am I supposed to be posting.  Many recipes in development, many photographs,  the year began in stealth and now feels like it is going to explode in a frenzy of activity.

Finally, my mind has begun to imagine menus and food design, cake layers, and new things to post.  Do you all realize that it is 3 and 1/ 2 weeks until Super Bowl Sunday, 6 and 1/ 2 weeks until The Academy Awards, and Purim is the night before  the Academy Awards with the Purim Seuda the same day?  Six and one half weeks until Mishloach Manot or Purim Platicos. I have many cookies to bake.  Dare I mention that Passover is early this year beginning at the end of March!

With all of this going on, next week the Sephardic Temple Cookbook Committee is having a Challah baking class including Kaak and Biscotios.  I will be one of the teachers. Another lunch/ meeting is planned in February and a Chocolate Salon.

In the desert of California, citrus season is in high gear.  Last week I made marmalade from Mineola Tangelos I picked in my own yard and Dulce de Toronja or Candied Grapefruit Peels from grapefruits  from my yard.   The  marmalade is my husband’s favorite late night indulgence, spread on a piece of well done toast and savored withsome mint tea.. dulce de torronha 015  There is an incredible feeling of satisfaction to eat and enjoy something made with your own hands from food grown in your own yard.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year, no matter what challenges we may face during this year, food provides a sense of family, and comfort, so let us all do some cooking.dulce de toronha 018

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