Father’s Day 2013

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on June 12, 2013

texas bbq brisket and sufganiyot 017

Father’s day is this Sunday the 16th.  For me, I have mixed emotions on this quintessential American Holiday.eggplant salad 022

peach crostata and peach ice cream 023-22-3  I am proud and thrilled to make a nice party for my husband, a wonderful father, and all the other father’s in the family.  On the other hand, I miss my dad who passed away the evening before Father’s Day 52 years ago.  He missed so much of our lives and yet I feel his influence even now, in my creativity, my love of adventure, travel, architecture and design.  My dad had his own dark room in our house when I was a child and I am trying to channel his talent, I have signed up for another photography workshop.  He had a keen scientific yet artistic mind and I feel my oldest son has received a lot of that.Steak Lolis and Pluot Crunch 101-3

This Sunday we will also celebrate my oldest son’s graduation.  He is now Doctor Sendowski a PHD in Electrical Engineering bringing new technology to the world.  I am very proud.

Well with all of these goings on plus a birthday or two, we will be having a big barbecue!  Twenty eight people at last count.  I will share my menu with you.  Many of the recipes are on the blog and I will link the name as I type the list.  Just click and poof you will be transported to the recipe page.Black BEan Turkey Chili 028-3


Pastelicos de Carne                                        Pico De Gallo

Pastelitos de El Salvador                           Chips

Lahmajun                                                         Hummus

Guacamole                                                      Crudités


Moroccan Beet Salad                                    Israeli Salad

Moroccan Carrot Salad                                 Eggplant Salad

Fresh Corn Salad


Mango Salad                                                   Cashew Cauliflower

Fingerling Potato Salad                                 Curry Cole Slaw


Texas Smoked Brisket

Grill Chicken Thighs

Barbecue Sauce

Black Bean Turkey Chili


Chocolate Espresso Cake

Cheery Nectarine Crisp

Peach Blackberry Crostata


Plan Ahead:  anytime this week, bake cake layers and freeze.  Pastelicos and Pastelitos can be made way ahead and frozen.  Heat and fry day of party.  Make Pie dough and freeze.

Wednesday Shop for vegetables.  Meat can be purchased ahead and frozen or purchased on Friday morning. If meat is  frozen start defrosting in refrigerator on Thursday night and chicken on Friday.

Friday set up back yard.  Friday set up kitchen, label all serving pieces.  Get out deposable plates and cutlery. Saturday night start washing and chopping for salads.  Saturday night dry rub briskets.  Late Saturday night fire up smoker and start smoking.  Sunday finish smoking brisket, assemble salads.  Make Lahmajun. Cut watermelons, frost cake, make peach pie and fruit crisp. Heat Pastelicos.  Fry Pastelitos. Grill chicken thighs.  Good luck.  Feel free to serve fewer salads or eliminate some starters.  I freely admit it is too much food.Corn and pepper salad with sea bass 015-3



Imam Bayaldi Pita Stuffed Tomatoes 055-50-3

Lahamjun 041-20-3Sukkot and Class 050







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