Passover 2014

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on April 4, 2014

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Passover is just a moment away and I am sure most of you have already begun your preparation if you celebrate the holiday in any way.  A few weeks ago we started by emptying out drawers , cleaning them of dust and bits of debris (Chametz) and returning everything to its orderly place.  In the space of a short 12 months since the last year’s Spring Cleaning (Hechos de Pesach) it is amazing how many things disappear, how many cupboards and drawers become messy and how much new stuff we manage to cram into every possible storage spot.

Last week it was time to clean out the extra refrigerator, turn it on, and clean the second refrigerator in the backroom. Yes I will admit I have Three!!! refrigerators.  We take apart all of the shelves and wash everything with soapy water.  Since then we have been bringing boxes of Passover dishes out, planning the table setting, and shopping.  Oh yes the shopping.

The butcher order is picked up and neatly frozen in the extra freezer, my husband or any other for that matter would have a major stomach ache if he paid attention to the bill.  Everything has gone up in price!  I have been to Pico Glatt, Livonia Glatt Mart,, Elat Market,  and Western Kosher all in search of my favorite things and any new innovative product on the market  for Passover that passes my natural and safe to eat test.  Linda’s natural and safe to eat test means, not more than 5 ingredients on the ingredient list, no preservatives, no dye, no expiration date longer than 2 months.  Basically I try to  create meals with real food, like raw vegetables, fish and meat.  Sweets I make from real cocoa powder, nuts, eggs, and sugar and fruit.

I think a kosher Passover should mean skipping things that are really Chametz, following your family tradition in terms of Kitniyot (rice, legumes and corn, green beans…), and not eating things like frozen Passover Pizza, and other Passover fakes for Chametz.  But I digress.  Back to the Hechos.  Today we did the self clean on the electric ovens, be sure to remove the racks and scrub those separately.

After tomorrow night’s Shabbat dinner, which I will prepare on the barbecue,  we will divest ourselves of all Chametz except for one little corner on the island and a toaster. As of Sunday I will officially make the switch and Since only my husband and myself are at home, we can eat out all week.

Starting Sunday:

1. Run dishwashers empty to kosher (if stainless steel) (if  you are Sephardic)

2.  Throw out or give away Chametz in the last refrigerator and scrub it.

3.  Make soup and freeze it.

4. Wash, chop and steam leeks

5. Make Mandel Bread

6. Defrost Ground Chuck for Kufte de Prassa


1.  Bake Pavlova Shells

2. Bake Marunchinos and Mustachudos

3. Make Semi Fredo

4. Make Torrone

5. Clean House,

6. Start Setting Table

a. tablecloth

b. chargers

c. napkins and rings

d. dinner plates

e. fish plate

f. soup dish

g. matzo/Haroset plate

h. egg dish

7. Fry Kuftes de Prassa and freeze

8. Defrost Brisket


1. Make Haroset

2. Slice and caramelize Onions

3.  Bake Brisket

4. Individual Chocolate Brownies

5. More table setting

a. flat ware

b. Seder plates

c. Books for Seder

d. pitchers for salt water or vinegar

e. matzo covers

f. pillows for reclining

g. centerpiece holders


1. Santa Monica Farmers Market for fresh fruit and vegetables

spinach, asparagus, artichokes, cucumbers, mint, parsley, romaine, celery, cauliflower, beets, zucchini,

2.  Wash all vegetables and put away clean in bags with paper towel organized by recipe.

3. Make more cookies

4. Make Sorbet

5. go exercise and relax


1. Plan Afikomin gifts.

2. Finish table setting

3. Make Frittata or Quashado for breakfast and freeze

4. Take out Kiddush cups, glass ware for table

5. Plan Wine or other beverage

6. Get car washed

7. Get Hair colored

8. Get a pedicure


1. make a simple Shabbat dinner and eat in one small area.  try to contain crumbs

2. Finish any last minute shopping


1. Relax


1. Defrost roast , chicken, turkey…

2. Purchase Fish

3. Make Fish, gefilte, salmon, halibut , pick what you prefer

4. Defrost Soup

5. Choose Wine

6. Have all vegetables washed , cut, and trimmed ready to  cook

7. Make lemon curd

8. Make Matzo Balls

9. Defrost Brisket, remove fat and slice thin, ready to heat tomorrow

10. take out and label all serving dishes and platters


1. Fill Seder Plates,

2. Place Haroset on table

3. Boil Eggs

4. Fill Matzo Bags

5. Set Up Dessert Buffet

6. Defrost Kufte de Prassa

7. Roast meat , and or chicken and turkey

8. Roast vegetables, steam or sauté…

9.Fill Chrain (horse radish) containers

10. Roast Korban Lamb Shank

11.  Fill vases with flowers

12. make salad

13. Make Passover Rolls

14. Make Fruit Crisp

15. Set up drinks

16. warm up soup and matzo balls in separate pots

17. Light candles

18. Let the Seder begin

Mitzrayim Chicken and Seder 2012 Pictures 081-3

Mitzrayim Chicken and Seder 2012 Pictures 042-3

_DSC0845-3Passover Semifredo dessert 038-3semifredo and torrone for passover 052-3Rosh Hashanah 006-3

Passover 2011 072-52-3










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