Rosh Hashanah begins September 13th 2015 at sundown or 1st of Tishrei 5776.

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on September 4, 2015


I wanted to share some thoughts and my menu for this year’s celebration.  It has been a very busy and fruitful summer and I hope you all enjoyed yours.  With this new year we must plan for the future but we must also reflect on what transpired in our lives last year and how we affected and interacted with others.  Part of planning for the coming year involves improving ourselves and our actions over last year’s behavior.  Was I kind, charitable, forgiving, understanding?  Did I work hard, improve myself, learn some new things, make a nice home for my family?  Did I enjoy myself, was I a fun person to be with? I hope I had a positive 5775 and I for sure plan on making and presenting the new and improved me in 5776.

20150902_083627Yesterday I was in the farm market, buying leeks, pomegranates, fresh dates for my center piece and new crop apples.  I bought that beautiful hanging bunch of dates and plan to display it.  the fresh dates are delicious eaten out of hand.  I have begun to cook as much as I can ahead and freeze.  We are a relatively small crowd this year but I want to be organized so I can enjoy the last few days of summer.

My menu for this Rosh Hashanah will be as follows:


Challah, including Saffron, Pumpkin, Raisin



Honey, various flavors

Apples, new crop, local

Medjool Dates, new crop

Kufte de Prassa, Leeks

Fijones, Lubia, Black eyed Peas

Spinach and Beet Green Patties

Pumpkin Borekas, Squash

Fish, Salmon with Tomato

Head of Fish

Pomegranate, Cucumber Pomegranate Salad

Dinner: First Night                                                                        Second Night

Brisket                                                                              Center Filet of Prime Rib

Turkey                                                                              Pomegranate Chicken

Roasted Root Vegetables                                            Roasted colored Carrots and Cauliflower

Broccolini                                                                        Braised Fennel with Mushrooms

Persian Rice                                                                    Persian Rice


Assorted Chocolates and Lokum

Apple Cake

Garnet Yam Cake

Peach and Blackberry Crostata

French Macaron with Sorbet

I wish all of my readers a happy and healthy New Year, L’ Shana Tova.  Linda

Challahs 2015 056

Passover 2015 Dessert 009

porcini rib roast ebay handbags 019

Lima and Dill Rice Lima Fritters 035

chicken Pastelicos 026

grilled vegiessmoked chickenpeach crisp peach pie graham crac 034


peach crostata and peach ice cream 023-22-3apple caramel cake 035-3

Sukkot 2011 040-3IMG00121-20110822-1638-3


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