Teriyaki London Broil

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on August 24, 2011

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I confess to having used bottled barbecue sauce for years.  I always made an effort to find sauce that contained no preservatives but how about the other stuff listed in the ingredients of commercially produced sauce?  There are several good ones, but the purist in me was thinking back to my high school days when my Japanese girl friends showed me how to make the simplest of Teriyaki sauce in their kitchen.

Teriyaki sauce really only has 5 ingredients and is simple to make.

6 garlic cloves, peeled and minced

3 tablespoons grated fresh ginger root

1 and ½ cup real brewed Japanese soy sauce (like Yamasa brand) (I prefer the low sodium variety)

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup sake (rice wine)

4 London broil steaks

Combine all of the ingredients in a heavy bottom small saucepan. Bring ingredients to a boil on medium high heat and then, reduce heat to medium low and simmer until sauce is reduced by half.  Place London broils in a baking dish and pour one half of sauce over steak to marinate.  Marinate steak between two to six hours, turning once. Continue to boil and reduce the other half of sauce remaining in saucepan until it is reduced by half again and becoming syrupy.  Reserve this for after steaks are grilled

Preheat grill or barbecue or grill pan with ridges.  When grill is very hot, sear steak to desired degree.  After steak is cooked to your liking, remove it from grill and let it rest on a cutting board for 10 minutes.  Slice steak on a diagonal in thin pieces.  Spoon a little more of the syrupy teriyaki sauce over the meat and serve.

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Lorena August 25, 2011 at 10:14 AM

Se ve absolutamente deliciosa !!!!!!!!
Permitame agregarle un ingrediente mas: Guindilla……..!!!!!
Se me hace la boca agua!!!!!
Mil gracias…..

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