Boneless Turkey With Stuffing

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on November 12, 2012


Oh my gosh what a crazy week last week, my computer crashed, hard drive and all.  I am still scrambling  and want to do these recipes before next week.  This roasted up so beautifully and it was mighty tasty!  I wanted to use up the rest of my frozen cranberry stash from 2011 and I made a lot of sauce.  Next, I thought about what do with leftover cranberry sauce. This recipe is one of those ideas.

Serves 6 to 8


6 tablespoon olive oil

1 pound white mushrooms

1/ 2 pound shitake mushrooms

sea salt

pepper, freshly ground

4 garlic cloves, peeled and sliced thin

1 large shallot, chopped small

zest of one orange

1/ 2 cup chopped parsley, fresh

1/ 3 cup cranberry orange sauce


1 large rolled boneless turkey

1 tablespoon Sumac

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 large garlic clove


1 cup cranberry orange sauce

1/ 3 cup tamarind sauce

1 to 2 tablespoons adobo sauce (from a can of Chipotle chilies in adobo) (smoked jalapeños) (very hot)

juice of one orange

Heat oven to 400° F.  Wipe off mushroom caps with a damp paper towel, removing any clinging dirt.  Slice mushrooms thin and place in  large bowl.  Toss mushrooms with two tablespoons oil, salt and pepper and spread onto  half sheet size rimmed baking sheet.  Repeat with Shitakes, being careful not to use any of shitake stem as they are woody.  Place baking sheets in oven and roast mushrooms for around 10 minutes until golden crusted.  Remove mushrooms from oven and place back in large bowl used for tossing mushrooms with oil, set aside.

Heat a small 8 to 10 inch skillet on medium heat.  Add 1 or 2 tablespoons oil and place shallots and garlic in pan.  Season well with salt and pepper and sauté until edges are turning golden and all is sweet and translucent.  Add orange zest to pan.  Place cooked shallots and garlic in bowl with mushrooms.

Next, add parsley, and cranberry sauce to mushroom mix.  Toss all together and check seasoning.  Set filling aside to cool while you prepare turkey.

Heat oven to 350° F. Prepare a small roasting pan, not much bigger than the turkey, with a rack inside.   Place rolled turkey on a large cutting board  and open turkey.  Arrange turkey so you can spread filling and re-roll it.  Mine came with the dark meat toward the outside and the breast in the center.  I flattened the dark meat, spread it with one layer of filling, and then, opened up the breast meat to roughly the same size and spread it with the rest of the filling.  I rolled it all back together like a cinnamon roll and tied it securely with kitchen twine.

Place securely tied turkey roll on rack in roasting pan.  Puree last garlic with oil in a small mini chopper, or you can finely mince garlic by hand and work oil in.  Spread oil and garlic paste over turkey.  Sprinkle turkey with sumac.  Place turkey in oven and roast uncovered until about 125°F internal temperature with a meat thermometer.

While turkey is roasting prepare sauce.  mix cranberry sauce, tamarind sauce, orange juice and adobo sauce together in a medium bowl.  When turkey reaches 125° F internally, open oven and generously brush sauce all over turkey.  Continue roasting turkey until it reaches and internal temperature of 155° F to 160°F.  Every 10 minutes open oven and brush with sauce when you check temperature.  Depending on size of turkey it may take  around 2 hours to cook.   Turkey is safe when it reaches 165° F internally.  The temperature of turkey will continue to rise as sits on the counter.

This turkey slices beautifully when cold or really cool.  It needs to set up to make pretty slices.  It is a wonderful dish for a small party, a brunch, a light dinner or even or Thanksgiving when you are looking for an alternative to make ahead.

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