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Short Rib Tagine

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on March 22, 2011

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The other day while on the subject of short ribs, short rib tagine sounded very tasty so here is what I made.  Oh, before you look at the recipe, the trick to making short ribs a bit healthier, as well as buying well trimmed short ribs, make the dish in the morning, [click to continue…]



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Haroset for Passover

March 9, 2010
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Just as the Jewish slaves in Egypt under the rule of the Pharaoh, made endless numbers of bricks there are an endless number of haroset recipes.  The haroset or the symbolic mortar held the bricks together.  Since I was a child coloring in my picture book Haggadah shel Pesach, I always thought the best part of the […]

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Banana Bread

January 26, 2010
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I like bananas.  Is our compulsion to eat bananas an acquired taste that our mothers nurture in us from birth?  Do they truly taste good, eaten straight?  This is a topic for debate.  No matter which side of the issue you come down on, bananas are a little compact package of nutrition that is widely over-purchased.  […]

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