Avicas con Carne

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on March 20, 2011

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White Beans with Short ribs

For some strange reason the weather has turned unseasonably cold again in Los Angeles.  Although many would laugh at our (Los Angelinos) notion of ‘cold’, I don’t recall many times in the last 35 years when it has rained in Los Angeles in March.  The birds are chirping [click to continue…]



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El Salvadorian Pupusas

May 11, 2010
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My oldest son is a surfing maniac.  On his breaks from school and research, he likes to travel to exotic locals to surf.  One of his favorites is El Salvador, that tiny country in Central America with magnificent stretches of beach, great surf, and its own unique and quite tasty cuisine. Since the Jewish holiday […]

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White Beans, Kuftes, and Rice Thursday Night Dinner

December 20, 2009
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If you speak with anyone from the Sephardic community in Seattle, Washington, you will find that virtually everyone, me included, ate avicas con arroz or beans and rice on Thursday nights for dinner.  Usually this dinner also included some kuftes (beef meatballs with parsley, on a bed of sauteed onions, all simmering in a tomato sauce).  Thursday night dinner was accompanied by a chopped salad […]

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