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by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on February 5, 2012

Schwarma 066-3

Schwarma is an extremely flavorful, spicy, Israeli, Middle Eastern masterpiece of a sandwich.  You may think that this is something you can only eat at a restaurant or schwarma counter, but I beg to differ.  Tonight I had my Superbowl inspiration to serve a schwarma buffet for Superbowl Sunday. [click to continue…]


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Brown Rice Mejedra

November 30, 2011
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Mejedra, Majadra, or even Enjadra are various spellings for a Middle Eastern, Sephardic comfort food. Warm and earthy, the slightly sweet and toasty flavor of well done caramelized onions with rice containing lentils is very satisfying.  It is often eaten plain, as a side dish, or sometimes with yogurt for a quick lunch. 

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Pita Bread

July 31, 2011
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Late Friday afternoon I realized in a panic that I did not have any Challah remaining in my magical freezer.  I did not want to run to the kosher bakery at the last moment 2 minutes before they close, they close early on Friday, and there was not time to make Challah.  What to do? 

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July 19, 2011
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Tabouleh is the perfect summer salad, refreshing, healthy, and easy to make.  Served cold or room temperature, it is a fine accompaniment to grilled kufte, kabob, and chicken along with some pita and hummus.  Tabouleh is also wonderful on a buffet line up for barbecues.  The green herbaceous flavor along with the lemon juice zip cools you down on a hot […]

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Kibbeh Senia

October 8, 2010
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Kibbeh are a Middle Eastern favorite loved by all.  From Syrians to Lebanese, from Iraqi to Turkish there are many different versions of Kibeh, Koobeh, or Kuba.  Bulgur crusted dumplings, stuffed with spiced ground meat, kibbeh are most often served deep fried in shapes like torpedoes, and many times served steamed in stews or pot […]

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