Roasted Fall Root Vegetables

by Linda Capeloto Sendowski on October 26, 2011

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Fall harvest colors of fiery orange, garnet, pale silver green, and creamy yellow tossed together with shiny jewel like grapes and velvety bits of fresh sage make a dish perfect for the season.  A combination of slightly sweet root vegetables roasted to caramel perfection is delicious served with a garlicky drizzle of balsamic syrup. [click to continue…]



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Best Brisket

October 22, 2011
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Tonight marks the end to the month-long group of holidays and celebrations that began with Rosh Hashanah and ended with Simhat Torah.  After many dinners and trying out a lot of new crowd pleasing recipes, it is time to share

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Steak Chimichurri

August 12, 2011
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We love to barbecue in the summer, it keeps the heat of cooking outside and most importantly grilled food has that caramel, flame, and smoke flavor. For years my kids thought there was only one flavor of steak and that was Teriyaki.  Truth is there are many wonderful flavors in the grilling universe and it is time […]

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Simple Stir Fry for Dinner

August 3, 2011
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Sephardic, Mediterranean food, and California Cuisine dominate in our home, but every once in a while I crave an Asian inspired stir fry.  So simple, this dish took me 35 minutes to make, once I realized I had the ingredients on hand. You will need: 2 (12 ounce) Spencer steaks, which is what my butcher […]

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Papaya and Asian Beef Salad

November 15, 2010
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Food in Hawaii is a flavorful, and I do mean full of flavor, mélange of many cuisines.  Food heavily influenced with Japanese sensibilities, indigenous or local ingredients, Thai and Chinese flavorings and lots of fresh fruit and charcoal grills is wonderfully appealing.

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